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Tom McParlane

Tom McParlane

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Hidden Instagram Likes: Concerns for Businesses & Influencers

August 8, 2019 / Tom McParlane  >

When Instagram first announced they were hiding likes across the platform, I thought the Internet had finally taken a step in the right direction... Until I thought about my monthly report analytics.

Finding the Perfect Winter Venue in Sydney

July 9, 2019 / Tom McParlane  >

Summer is overrated... I don’t know if I’m just getting old or if I’ve been on social media for too long (probably both), but I’ve been over ‘bring back summer’ for quite some time - and now is my chance to complain about it.

How Instagram is Shaping the Future of Social Media Marketing

May 28, 2019 / Tom McParlane  >

I can’t see my likes…my precious likes.

That’s right – Instagram announced a whole lot of exciting new features as part of a wider update at the Facebook Developer Conference 2019.